Activities & Events

Ibiscos Garden Hotel offers a range of events and activities for adults, families and children. Once a week, our guests taste, appreciate and learn about a range of top quality red and white Cretan wines produced by traditional local wineries which are renowned for their long wine-making tradition and the fine quality of their wines. Live acoustic music nights take place weekly at Ibiscos Garden Hotel. Greek language lessons and cooking lessons are available for kids on weekdays, while the Magic Show of Tony Prestidigitator is on every week, offering an awesome spectacle for adults and kids alike. We take environmental education and awareness very seriously. Every week, kids and adult guests engage in vegetable farming at a small land plot by Ibiscos Garden Hotel. This educational family activity involves farming and learning about the process of cultivating the land, while our guests collect fresh vegetables from our garden before the kids cooking lessons which take place three times a week.

Our walking tour with Ralph sees us heading uphill towards Roussospiti and Agia Irini. The walking time of this guided tour is 1.5 to 2 hours each way (i.e., a total of 3 to 4 hours), during which we get to know much about the natural environment, the people of Crete and the Monastery of Agia Irini. The Monastery also offers some magnificent views and dramatic sea vistas of Rethymno which are best appreciated in its calm and tranquil atmosphere.