Bicycles : Activities and Gear

Cycling activities at Ibiscos Garden Hotel, are tailored to cyclists of all ages and different athletic skills. From cycling games, to guided and self-guided tours, to training rides, there’s opportunity for everyone to enjoy cycling around Rethymnon. Our cooperation with SPECIALIZED, one of the lead companies in the industry, ensures maximum safety and quality control on each of the activities that we offer. Our on-the-field personnel are of the highest expertise, and willing to offer advice both on available activities and required gear.

Below you can find a list of bicycles that we use for our cycling activities. Our experienced instructors can help you choose which one is the best according to your needs.

All of our bicycles are accompanied by a helmet, lock, mini-pump, front and rear lights, as well as a seat bag with a spare inner tube and a multi-tool.

Cycling Routes

Before you begin…

Recommended routes may naturally be taken by cyclists “as is”, in as much as they follow the shape of the land, and cyclists can plan their own route based on their possibilities, in terms of physical condition or time.

The type of the road, the main sight-seeing points and the most significant settlements are displayed in each route. A series of symbols clearly specify the opportunities that each place has to offer. At the same time, each route is accompanied by a characteristic diagram which displays the altitudes, the distances in kilometres and the most signification stops.

The largest part of the trek is on tarred roads. The small sections of dirt roads which have been included are in good condition. Special attention needs to be given to isolated roads, as drivers of rural vehicles and small trucks use these for their local needs and they are not so compliant with the road traffic rules.

Always wear a helmet and make sure to have a raincoat with you, since the weather, especially during the summer months, may change abruptly. Always have water with you and condensed food, and also make sure you have the hotel phone number in the unlikely event that something happens to you.