Supporting Framework & Services for Cycling

The new programme of cycling activities at Ibiscos Garden Hotel is designed to meet all possible needs and requirements of cycling fans and enthusiasts, from weekend warriors and advanced riders to family and fun riders, offering a broad range of options for guided tours, self-guided tours as well as complete, fully-featured training programmes. A combination of all appropriate infrastructures, equipment, specialist personnel and supporting activities and services are available, providing a comprehensive framework to support and enrich the best possible cycling experiences in the picturesque, scenically beautiful island of Crete.

We offer the option to experience guided, thematic tours for bikers of active or advanced physical condition. Our Guided Tours are designed as exquisite experiences of the local Cretan environment and nature, from impressive, wild and rocky landscapes to large pine tree forests through routes which embrace Byzantine and Orthodox Churches, traditional Cretan and Venetian villages, museums and buildings and places of historic interest.

You can pick from the range of bicycles available at Ibiscos Garden Hotel for that purpose or, if you wish, use your own bicycle. Our bicycles are manufactured by SPECIALIZED, one of the world's leading bicycle designers, manufacturers and marketers, and come fully equipped with lights, lock chain, tools, air pump and spare tyre tube, while helmets are also available. Our latest generation electric bicycles/e-bikes give a new dimension to our guests' cycling experience, assisting those who are concerned with their cycling physical condition.

Ibiscos Garden Hotel offers a rich framework of services and options to support the main cycling activities. Cycling games and activities for families and individuals take place at the Hotel and a large number of parking spaces for bicycles is available, as well as a purpose-built internal space for the safe overnight storage of bicycles. A purpose-built space has been specially designed for bicycle cleaning and washing, and it is free for use by our guests. A special, ''bicycle laundry'' service is also available, guaranteeing a next day delivery.

Further, our breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets offer a broad range of more healthy and ''athletic'' options, as it is ideally based on fresh Cretan products, while special arrangements can be made with the restaurant and buffet services with regard to serving times for bikers.

The Mini Market of Ibiscos Garden makes available a range of isotonic drinks, energy bars and simple cycling dietary products. A comprehensive set of area maps and routes is available to meet all possible requirements and needs, and our biker guests have access to all information they may need on any route/self-guided tour.

All biker guests can use the repair shop of the Hotel for free, having access to a floor-standing air pump, tools etc. and the option to fix simple issues and problems at the only cost of the spare part that might be needed. More serious issues and damages can be dealt with by our neighbouring and collaborating specialist repair shops at the respective cost. 

Custom-designed training plans for groups of bikers and individuals can be devised on request, in accordance with the group's/individual biker's level and targets, or additional training routes can be created to enrich existing training plans. Special training support is also available on request, designed around the provision of notes/remarks and recommendations aiming at general improvement at all levels. A daily presentation will focus on the subject of next day's training and targets, while on special days there is an afternoon presentation and workshop focusing on bicycle training and technical issues. Our specialist guide and trainer Vangelis Petroulakis is also available on-site on a more informal basis, to discuss any issues and offer specialist advice and assistance in relation to cycling, training and bikes in general.

Finally, masseur/physiotherapy treatment services are available to be arranged on request at an extra charge.