Environment & Awareness

Policy for the Environment, Health & Safety

Understanding the vital significance of environmental protection as a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable development and having the provision of high quality services and the securing of the hygiene of all foods on offer, the Management and Staff of Ibiscos Garden Hotel developed and applied a System of Management that is in line with the requirements of the international prototypes ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005. The System of Management is applied to the totality of the activities of Ibiscos Garden Hotel, that is, all services of accommodation, catering and entertainment.

Accordingly, the Management of Ibiscos Garden Hotel commits to:

  • The continuous improvement of all applied practices through the establishment of key targets.
  • Comply to all the legal, regulative and prescriptive ordinances, and to the customers' requirements which fall into the areas of its activity.
  • Employ, continuously educate and evaluate appropriate Staff.
  • Evaluate the environmental implications of its practices, aiming to reduce and, where possible, eliminate the negative environmental implications.
  • Take action in all possible ways with an aim to protect the environment and the prevention of pollution.

Based on the aforementioned commitments, the Management of Ibiscos Garden Hotel aims to:

  • Ensure all resources that are necessary for the maintenance and updating of the System of Management and the improvement of the Hotel's facilities and infrastructures.
  • Achieve a high level of guest satisfaction.
  • Materialize actions for the saving of energy, the reduction of water consumption, the reduction and correct management of solid and liquid waste product.
  • Inform all organizations and institutions involved aiming to raise their awareness and inspire their active participation.

The aforementioned fundamental aims of our environmental and health & safety policy are achieved through the Management System of the Environment and Quality, Health and Safety of Food, through the achievement of specific measurable targets, through the regular monitoring of critical and strategic parameters, through monitoring the efficiency of interventions, through the monitoring of the efficiency of the System of Management and through the regular critical reviews of its targets with a view to further improvement.

Effective Environmental Management

The application of efficient environmental management and the protection of our natural environment are two fundamental values in the philosophy and strategy of Ibiscos Garden Hotel. The adoption and full implementation of the Environmental Management System, in line with the International Standard EN ISO 14001:2004, and the educational actions which raise the awareness of its staff, partners and clients about the environment and the environmental policy of the Hotel, contribute to the achievement of our present and future environmental targets.

What can we do?

  • We kindly request you to:
  • Keep the window(s) shut when hearing or air-conditioning is on.
  • Turn off the lights when leaving your room.
  • Understand that sheets and towels are washed either on your personal request or according to the standard frequency as described in the Environmental Policy of the Hotel.
  • Avoid putting substances (e.g. fat, oils, toxic fluids) in the sewer.
  • Keep your waste separated, according to the optimal methods described in the Hotel's Environmental Policy. In all public areas, you can find bins for recycling waste (glass, paper, aluminum, plastic) as well as batteries. The WC bin that is located in your room's bathroom is used for throwing non-recyclable materials (i.e., toilet paper, organic waste, food waste).
  • If you happen to have toxic waste at your disposal (printer inks or other inks, refrigeration or electrical equipment, batteries, energy-saving light bulbs, pharmaceuticals, fat or oils), please contact the reception to arrange and ensure their proper collection and removal.
  • While brushing your teeth, do not leave the water tap on unnecessarily. Fill a glass of water, turn off the tap and rinse.
  • When having a shower, do not leave the tap on unnecessarily.
  • Do not use more sheets, blankets and/or towels than you really need.
  • Do not keep your electrical/eletronic devices on sleep mode when you do not use them; instead, turn them off. Do not plug your devices unecessarily.
  • Choose public transport for your transportation.
  • Please inform us immediately about faults or malfunctions of water taps and pipes, in order to repair them as soon as possible.


Nearly Zero Energy Hotel: neZEH

Through the European initiative nearly-Zero Energy Hotels (neZEH), Ibiscos Garden gained access to technical expertise and received an energy audit recommending effective technical solutions and a comprehensive feasibility study for decision-making and traking for managers and staff towards becoming a neZEH.

Ibiscos Garden is a nearly Zero-Energy Hotel, that is a hotel that constantly achieves a very high energy efficiency performance. The nearly zero or very low amount of energy required should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources, including energy from renewable sources produced on-site or nearby. The management and staff of Ibiscos Garden are committed to take all possible actions to reduce the hotel's environmental impact by saving energy and water and managing solid waste. In this context, Ibiscos Garden has been renovated into a Nearly-Zero Energy Hotel, dramatically reducing our energy consumption by 65% and increasing the use of renewable energy to 50% of our total use of energy.

We aspire to have our guests by our side through their own practices and by sharing their experiences of their stay with us. As one of the first hotels in Greece to be renovated into a Nearly-Zero Energy Hotel, our vision is to provide inspiration to more hoteliers.

We kindly ask you, our guests, to help us save energy by:

  • Turning off the air-conditioning and switching off all lights when leaving your room.
  • Avoiding 'TV ''sleep mode''.
  • Closing windows and doors when the air-conditioning system is on.
  • Keeping a reasonable temperature setting in your room (the recommended level for summer is 25 °C).
  • Not leaving water taps on.
  • Informing cleaning staff that you are willing to keep your towels for more than one day.
  • Informing staff in case of water leaks.

Measures towards nearly Zero Energy

To become a neZEH, Ibiscos Garden Hotel engages in a long term process involving a series of action, some of which have already been implemented: 

  • Installation of photovoltaic panels to cover electricity demand.
  • Thermal envelope facade insulation to improve indoor environment comfort.
  • Installation of advanced ceiling fans with extremely low noise level.
  • Use of control systems for cooling and lighting to reduce waste of energy.
  • Energy upgrading of kitchen equipment.
  • Replacement of old air-conditioning units with central, highly efficient VRV units.
  • Use of LED lighting technology in guest rooms and public areas.
  • Increase of solar thermal collectors and hot water storage capacity by 50% so there is always hot water without using electric energy.
  • Installation of gas consumption meters.
  • Installations of water flow reducers.